Kira Puru & the Bruise

Streetlights Tour - photos by Rachel Cook

B’ Hill.

Tonight is our last night in the desert. We spent the day filming for our clip with our good friend Si. He is good. We saw some donkeys, kangaroos, wallabies, wild brumbies, crows, the Mad Max car and a fuckload of flat land. There is so much flat land you can actually see the curve of the earth.

We cooked up a storm in the kitchen and drank bevvies and played pool in the empty bar. Last night we had a rippin’ show with a packed crowd, despite it being a monday night. Yesterday we went out for the town’s finest coffee and played some songs on radio and the night before, we sat, snug in the “Priscilla Suite” eating pizza, drinking beer and watching movies.

In case you’re wondering, Broken Hill is winning. Fuck yeah.

kp x

ps - check out photos of the Palace: you HAVE to come and visit.

"This moment is so good. It’s actually too good to log on to facebook and tell everyone how good it is…"

Geordie Malone
Pizza, beers and movies at Marios Palace, Broken Hill. 

"Can I drive soon? I sort of need to be in control of something…"

Jamieson Shaw
Melbourne to Adelaide 

Rachel Cook.

Rach showed us her photos she’s been takin on tour, man. She’s so rad.

She sure takes a good photo, she just got offered a set of Washington shows. Good for Washington, she scored.

We’ll pop ‘em up when we get em. But remember her name, she’s good. 

Dance for me.

  • Mojo Juju: Go out there, in your towel and dance...and I'll give you a chocolate.
  • Geordie Malone: Ah, that's worse than nothing.
  • Mojo Juju: I'll give you a Schmacko.
  • Geordie Malone: That's worse than a chocolate.

The National Hotel

  • Kira: Where are your shoes?
  • Chas: I took them off, I only have runners and they were too daggy.
  • Kira: So you're just getting around in your socks?
  • Chas: I left my shoes at my mum's house.

Just finished another run of shows on the streetlights tour. 

Currently sitting upstairs at The National Hotel in Geelong, 3am. Drinking tea and listening to Nirvana pumping downstairs to a fair rowdy crowd.  Kiz, Rachel & Jams have gone to bed. And Chas, has also gone to bed. 

Wollongong The Harp - done. 

Melbourne Old Bar - done. 

Geelong The National - done. 

Melbourne Revolver - Still to come

Everything else - oh boy. 

Bands we’ve played with have been. 

- The Walking Who - Fuck yeah. Really rad Trio of indusrtial hot fucking energy. 

- Mother & Son - One of our super fuck favorites. Surf Rock guitar shredding duo of dome & life.

- Jane Dust - Devo rock. 

- Red Eagle - Riff Town!

- The Nymphs - Ohhhh Shit. We’re in love.

- Killbot Kindergarten - Soul, funk, style and Japan. F yeah. 

Something also worth noting about this Wollongong —> Melbourne Leg of the tour, is we’ve had an awesome photographer with us in the car, at the sound-checks, at the gigs, and in our bedrooms. She’s been really great, and unfortunately we’re gonna have to leave her in Melbourne. But we’ll have some of her shots online real soon. Rachel Cooks her name, and this is her site. .

Thats all for now I think. 

Good night


Soundtrack: Newcastle to Wollongong

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug

Mother + Son - Self titled

Grizzly Bear - Viktemeist

Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds - Let Love In

Beck - Guero

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Butthole Surfers - Whatever

Gorrillaz - Plastic Beach

Cat Power - Sea of Love

Devendra Banhart - Ride the Wave

Breakfast in the 'gong.

  • Geordie: Suck my balls and get in the car
  • Chas: In what order?

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